SOLYTIC - Wer wir sind


Chausseestraße 111
10115 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0) 30 3080 9999

Mitarbeiter: 11-50



Solytic is a clean-tech startup developing an AI-based software to monitor and improve the performance of solar PV systems. Our vision is to build a centralized platform for a decentralized ecosystem around the world, using data to connect the needs and potentials of solar with offers from service providers to increase profitability. Our solution enables customers to make smart, data-driven decisions on how to economically optimize their system throughout the entire lifecycle.

Solytic stands for a sustainable future, where automation drives lower costs, higher revenues and extends the life cycles of systems. Today's 25 millions solar systems will need to grow to over 1 billion worldwide to meet the Paris Agreement’s targets. Needless to say - the solar market is about to go into hyper-growth.

Together with our strong investors such as Vattenfall and EWE as well as partners such as Microsoft, we are at the forefront of pushing the digital boundaries for solar to fight climate change. As the fastest growing solar software startup in the world, our mission is to accelerate our growth even further with our highly scalable software only approach to automate top performance for solar PV.

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